Adulting Please Wait!!

Adulting is an unresolved conflict full of pretence, comparison, and anxiety, which plays really well with the thoughts and conceptions we hold towards life. In simpler terms, it is an uncertain and uncomfortable phase of our existence, which moulds us from a carefree kid to an over-caring messy adult. If you could look at me right now writing this piece you would understand how hard adulting is hitting me!

When we talk about growth and development it is always considered to be a positive pep talk, but then why is adulting not? I feel that adulting is full of unwanted emotions which are crying to be validated by people around us. It is that continuous race to prove yourself better than others, are you earning well? Have you settled down? What about marriage? Do you have a home of your own? and amidst all this pressure cooker feels you also have to be healthy mentally and physically. The pressure tactics that are bound to come in your ways are like rituals of the Indian society, no matter how hard you try not to be a part of them, you get dragged anyway.

I feel that adulting is not just what others push into your thoughts but YOU also entangle yourself into all of it! You decide how you take your life from here. It is a make-or-break phase for you. You have to be better than others to get what you want; you have to do enough so that you satisfy your needs and you never have to bow down before anyone. We get caught up so much to be better than others that we forget the uniqueness we carry that could change the whole game. The biggest blessing that we lose during this phase of adulthood is ourselves. Fulfilling your dreams should not cost you a void in your own self. You want to cry hard on some days or maybe on most of the days, but real adulting is when you pull yourself together on your own and start afresh may it be starting with each passing minute.

This phase of adulting might be full of pestering and compulsion but we should not forget that it is this chapter of your journey which brings you closer to your dreams and goals. Adulting is not just people asking you a set of nonsensical questions that derail your life, it is also you taking inspiration from people around you to become a better version of yourself.  Adulting is the step where you understand what your expectations are from yourself, how you would like to fulfill them, and the steps you have to follow to stay focused on your ambition in life.

While we are growing old so are the people around us, our family, and our parents are aging too. Adulting is hard when you see that not always does development and growth give you happiness. It is challenging to see your parents getting old. In this challenge, you understand that with them aging, you are losing on to your childhood. We fear adulthood because we feel that it is not going to be all chill and merry. We are scummed to pressure because now we need a reason to be happy about, unlike kids who are smiling without a reason, they don’t look for happiness outside because they know that joy and bliss is within them.

I guess we all might have felt this numbness and anxiety that cripples our mind with upsetting thoughts and events but we will get passed it and certainly will learn from this. Adulting is the basis of how we turn out as individuals later in our lives. We might feel like a loser on most days but we cannot let that thought stop us from what we want to do.

Adulting is hard, people around us make it worse at times but the kid living within you will give you all the strength to get passed this, get up every day with the same zeal to break your own records!


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  1. Palak Dogra ❤️ says:

    This was a beautiful read! So well written! ❤❤

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    1. Thank you dear❤️


  2. Anil Kawrani says:

    I never thought about this topic in the manner elaborated by you….so deep and so well written as always

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanchan Bhambhani says:

      So beautifully describe about adulting 👌👌 very nice 👏👏

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  3. Laveen Vaswani says:

    Really well written Nishtha. I love your work and your perspective. And it’s true, adulting can suck at times but keeping your inner child alive is really important.. also it’s equally important to celebrate the little achievements even as an adult. Being an adult doesn’t mean your life is over. You have long way ahead… Love the work.. keep it up ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for always supporting❤️


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