Health is something that is holistic in nature. It is external as well as internal. External is the physical health, it is when our body feels strong, fresh and relaxed. On the other hand, an internally healthy person is the one whose soul feels strong, relaxed and at peace. Health is like a jigsaw puzzle it cannot be complete if all the pieces are not arranged in the right manner. Hence external and internal health go hand in hand. As we all know that to be physically healthy, we need to have a balanced diet and do physical activities. In the same way a person is mentally healthy if he/ she has the right balance of emotions, feelings and has a control over his/her behavior and attitude. We all know that the excess of anything is bad. So if there is intake of something bad in large quantity then the result is seen as vomiting. In the same way taking the excess of negativity may lead to an emotional burst out. Emotions should be like different veggies, it should be like the different nutrients that we should have to maintain that healthy body and soul. When we talk about health, we must also talk about the junk which should be avoided. We all know that to have a good physical personality what all we should avoid, so let’s talk about how to have a good mental and emotional personality. Ego, anger, and jealousy are some of the traits which act like the calories making us emotionally flat and bloated. So, let’s have something more friendly to our health. Let us replace ego with humility, anger with love and jealousy with admiration. Let us give it a try to change a few things to achieve something huge! …….. LET’S BE HEALTHY !

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