Human beings are the most dissatisfied creatures in this world, always wired to become dissatisfied with whatever they have and satisfied only by what they don’t. Mahatma Gandhi once said that there is enough for every man’s need but not for his greed. We all know that it is human nature to ask for more, no matter how much one has.  A simple example for this could be that a person having a small car craving for a bigger one and the one having the bigger would long for an aircraft. Gautama Buddha in his teachings often said that the biggest cause of unhappiness is the never ending desires of human beings. We always desire for more and more and never get satisfied. The reality is somewhat different though; we are unable to understand that whatever we have is actually more than enough for us and is meant to be for us. So let’s just start a fresh by altering our perspective that “IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH” rather than thinking “IT’S NEVER ENOUGH”. So next time when you have a small car, and you crave for a bigger one, look for a person who is travelling in a two wheeler. You will actually feel blessed for whatever you have because that would be “MORE THAN ENOUGH”. It’s not that we should not desire or wish for something but it would reconstruct a perspective to be satisfied and thankful for whatever we are blessed with.

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  1. Kamal Chauhan says:

    excellent thought

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