“Dream as you will live forever….live as you will die tomorrow”. This statement appears to be a bit confusing but actually makes sense when we give a deep thought to it. It is always said that dream big because that big dream would stimulate our mind, mold us so that we perform the required actions to achieve that, to make it happen. Big dream would be something that would make us laugh….make our hearts smile. Dreaming is a beautiful exercise especially when you decide to dream for your whole life. We know that we will die one day, but till that day let’s live our lives to the fullest. Let’s try and fulfill all our dreams before that special day arrives. It also depends on how hard we work to make those dreams come true. As a wise saying goes that success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. We dream of a big farm house but to actually achieve it, we need to study well, get good grades, have a good job and earn good money. It is like a chain to achieve something and it starts with the most important thing i.e. to dream about it. The other essential thing is that we should never stop dreaming, believing that we will live forever so that the fire within us to fulfill our dreams never dies. As mentioned earlier we all know that we all are going to die one day, but are unaware of that last day. So we need to live each day considering it to be our last day. This would stimulate us to do all the things that make us happy, that generate a sense of positive attitude in our lives. When we assume that we may not be there the next day, then there are a lot more things that we can do besides doing the usual stuff. One more amazing thing is that when we feel that our end is near, we actually do not wish to waste our precious time with negative thoughts, discussing with people and holding grudges because what we have is just this TODAY. So let’s just practice one thing that we would not just live in the present but enjoy this present to the fullest like this the last one and dream-dream and continue dreaming to achieve the best in life.

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