If we define a thought it is simply an idea or opinion that forms by thinking or occurs suddenly in the mind. But as human beings are the most complex organisms in earth, their thoughts are also intricate in nature. Thoughts lead us to new and creative ideas or sometimes may tread the path of difficulties, tensions and depression because sometimes we think a lot, more than required leading to over-thinking. When we are not able to control our thoughts they take a long way and we take our own conclusions. Our mind contains and regulates our thoughts. Our thoughts revolve around the environment in which we are placed in. so it better to create a positive environment not only for yourself but for others as well. It is because we are someone else’s environment when we are positive we take with us those positive vibes and spread them whenever we meet them. Same is the case with negativity, if we are brimmed with negativity 24*7 what will we reflect, we would spread those negative vibrations creating a negative society. So we should try to maximize the positive thoughts because our thoughts are very powerful. They can lead us to create a better tomorrow. Positive thought process, positive visualization will tread the path of an easy going, fun and happy life brimmed with positivity. So make your thoughts as beautiful and as light and positive to lead a wonderful life.

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