The word GRATITUDE symbolizes our feelings of thankfulness that we hold towards or we should have towards every commodity, every desire and almost everything that we have achieved in this beautiful world created by the Universe. We often forget the fact that all the comforts, pleasures and luxuries that we have with us are because of this Supreme Power and we just need to thank him for whatever we have.

It is human nature to always strive for more and more and when not achieved, we end up surrounding ourselves with negative thoughts and expressions of ingratitude. Humans are always affected by their peers and the social environment in which they are placed so a lot is affected by what the society, the people, friends, family thinks about them.

Most of the energies are spent in convincing or flaunting them with the possessions we’ve owned over time and we forget to thank all those who make us what we are. In the ruckus that we face in our everyday life starting from getting up to dozing off to sleep and prepping up for the next day, there are endless thoughts and actions that devote to our feelings of mixed emotions. While carrying out all these activities, we forget to do the most salient task of the day – Acknowledging Thank You.

Just a Thank You makes one day the most blissful day and practicing it to continue on a regular basis converts the whole life into a beautiful experience.

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  1. Laveen Vaswani says:

    Wonderful thought… It’s so true that a ‘Thank you’ can change someone’s day…..So, Thank u for writing such beautiful blogs and inspiring people.

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    1. You always make me the happiest..Thank you for that😊


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