Psychological studies say, “Every individual is unique.” This restates the fact that it’s no wrong in being you.” Being yourself is the toughest task as it makes you believe in your own thoughts and decisions as most of the times merely going with the crowd does not help. It’s not that ‘being you’ refrains one from listening to any thought or advice but it enhances the knowledge and possibility to rationally think about an issue and analyze the pros and cons related to it. In fact, it’s wonderful to have you own opinion, your own style, and your own perspective because you are different and it’s perfectly fine. If everyone would have agreed with the Britishers before India’s Independence and there would have been no national leaders to raise a conflict and their opinions on right to freedom, we would have not been what we are today. This again explains that how a path less travelled leads to a revolution that is good for individuals and society as a whole. We have often heard the saying that “Be the change you want see” so if you want to be the change, first try to be you because you are the one who can control your thoughts and do what you pursue rather than blindly following the path taken by everyone and be one amongst the crowd. For being yourself you need to be confident that all the decisions that you are taking are fine and are not a result of any influence of thought kept in front of you just because your family, friends or elders approve it. Approve it when your heart says it and when you actually feel it’s correct.

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  1. Avinash garg says:

    Hi Nishtha,
    It’s usually considered that being you means you are closed to the suggestions and experiences of others. However you rightly mentioned that rather it graduates you take unbiased decisions for yourself and society at large. Good thoughts and all the best.

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