If you change nothing, NOTHING WILL CHANGE

Every situation in our life teaches us something or the other and also strengthens us to be courageous enough to take it over the next time. But often life serves us with situations that are like a question paper that has questions which we have had a look on or out of syllabus but here we cannot complain or crib to anyone. Rather than what we should start practicing is to look for the solutions to the problem and to become one of those unique persons who do not crib about only those problems but try to open the door of solutions because as we already know that there is no problem in this world that has no solution to it. It all about our perspective, our mindset that turns it into a different concept. The saying if you change nothing, nothing will change! Can be easily applied here its just that the phrase can be interpreted in a different context which implies that if we change our approach our mindset and our perspective of looking at situations or circumstances we will surely achieve the solution of the much awaited problem. This happens because now we have changed the way we look at problems because now we do not stress about the problems but about the solutions. If we talk about the problems there are many. But if we shift or attention or concentrate towards the solutions we would definitely discover that like problems or there are many solutions to it as well. India is a diverse country full of various social, cultural, linguistic groups different religions and caste but if the leaders at that time would have thought of the problem of combining these religious groups we would have never thought of the solution and now if we look at India it’s a huge country full of diversity but in unity. Another problem that has been into great consideration these days is the Swatch Bharat Mission launched by our Prime Minister. If he would have looked about only the problem and cribbed about it we would have not got the ideas the plans to clean it and head a step forward to reach our goal that is a clean and green India. So be the one who looks for the solutions and not just sit back to crib about problems. Be the unique one who can take a step forward to change something to see the change. BE THE LEADER!!

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