Life is like a mary-go-round full of ups and downs, sorrows and happiness some situations tough and hard so some easy and enjoyable. We all come across some situations where we just think that its an end and now we cannot do anything more to resolve the problem we are in, but as it is said that if we are in the problem we will also have the key to unlock the door to happiness and getting out of the problem. Here this practice comes  into being where it is said that what cannot be cured must be endured which signifies that if we are stuck in a situation where we think that we cannot get out of it we should try to handle that situation in very calm, composed and patient manner because if we not able to cure it we should learn to suffer in it by just having a positive mindset and ensuring ourselves that nothing will go wrong as long as we are ready to face any circumstance with courage and a positive attitude. And by acquiring this way of life keeps us going in life and renders us to develop a positive, strong and healthy personality so that the rest of the life becomes smooth and easy going and all these teachings help us to grow more happy, satisfied and a bright individual who handles every situation with a smile.

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