We all come across situations where we are able to see everything but are not so willing to observe. There’s a very fine line between just watching and observing anything. We conceptualise the meaning of both these words but this has something deeper to understand. We see the embellishing gardens which are full of beautiful flowers. We see those flowers, we are mesmerised by their beauty, the texture, the colors, the vibrance, the shine and many other aspects but we forget to see that how these flowers are made, how do they develop, how do they get embraced with the beautiful colors. That is how we behave in life, we try to judge a person by his / her outer personality but we forget to look upon his sacrifices or the situations or circumstances from which his / her personality has developed. We all see the scenic beauty of the mountain but no one gives a second to just take a while and try to observe that how do these beautiful gigantic rocks originate. The best possible way by which we can embrace the beauty of anything in our life may it be a person, a thing, a moment or a situation is not just by watching instead trying to observe it. It is, however, quite important to understand the real cause behind each and every action occurring around us. This happens when we practice being non-judgmental and keep us away from fault-finding tendencies.


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