It is rightly said that the more you work harder the bigger success you achieve. But at times we forget that we have to work hard not only externally but internally as well. We all come across situations in our lives where we have to work hard may it be to get good grades, job, position or any other profit. We are so engrossed in proving ourselves better than others in any field through hardworking, so much so, that we forget working hard internally. One needs to know importance of internal hard work which deals with everything happening inside be it your thoughts, and try to give a thought At times when we have to score well in any examinations, or give presentations, we chalk out the short and simple methods including mugging up things and spill them out when required. But this keeps us hollow as it doesn’t help us gain anything internally. We keep getting frustrated to prove ourselves superior than others to an extent that there comes a stage when we realise that actually we have lost ourselves in the unproductive race. We can achieve something if we practice it by hard-working internally with our full concentration and understand the concept of everything to the roots so that we analytically work for our good from every angle and not just external. So apply this mantra to achieve all kinds of heights, success and catch all the opportunities just by hard-working externally as well as internally.

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