Communication is Fundamental

Communication refers to sharing your views with one another by talking our heart out. But at certain point of time in our lives, we lack this skill to communicate. Sometimes we hesitate, sometimes we feel shy sometimes we subconsciously build negativeness for a person that we ourselves are not aware of. Silence can lead to assumptions which might not be true in real sense. This can cause confusion and misunderstandings in any relationship. Sometimes times when we do not communicate, we do not actually know the other person is thinking or what does the person want, we just simply assume that we are giving him/her the best so we expect that he/she should like it. But maybe he/she has a different mindset and does not consider that thing the best. In this way, confusions and misunderstandings build up like a castle that it becomes  hard to break. So why not communicate and live without all the mistaken happiness and sadness by accepting the truth through communication happily.

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