blog3                                                                     blog2Last weekend , I left my hometown to visit my village and spend some time with my cousins. I travelled by bus. It was all crowded inside. Many passengers climbed on to the roofs of the bus so that at least there they could get some room to sit there. During my journey, I observed a man who was in a hurry to reach his destination, criticizing  the driver, who in his opinion was driving at a slow speed. The man after every ten minutes shouted at the driver, “Can you drive a little faster, because if you move like this I will never reach my destination?” The driver replied in anger, “It’s my work and I know how to do it”. From the other hand , I heard a woman who thought that the bus was moving rather fast , and wanted the driver to slow down. According to her she was not able to enjoy her journey for which  she had paid. I was continuously looking at both of them and trying to comprehend the reason behind their frustrations and fury. Unconcerned to the situation, I saw the guy who was completely engrossed in enjoying the picturesque beauty of the nature and expressing his happiness ,“it’s so beautiful, marvelous , I just love this journey.”

The boy was talking to himself. He was least bothered about the surrounding, how people were falling on him, the crowd, the noises,  he was completely lost in his own world of enjoyment. I realized and that some people will always complain in whatever situation they are whereas there are others who always try to appreciate the situation, come what may.

This rightly proves the point that we perceive what we assume and yes it is, the “WORLD AS WE VISUALIZE”


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